Taste of the Archipelago at WhiteStone Restaurant & Bar 

WhiteStone Restaurant & Bar introduces Taste of the Archipelago offering a journey through the Indonesian Archipelago. The culinary journey starts from Sumatera, where Chef Indra prepares two dishes from the island with Terong Bakar Balado (Grilled Eggplants with Balado Paste) for those who crave spicy food and a vegan option, and Beef Kalio (Padang Style Beef Curry). Then it continues to Java Island with the mouth-watering Tongseng Kambing (Javanese sweet soy sauce lamb stew). The Ayam Betutu Bali (Braised Chicken in rich Betutu seasoning) pays homage to Chef Indra’s originated from. And your last of archipelago journey takes you to Sulawesi Island presenting Barramundi Dabu Dabu (Charred Grilled Barramundi, Garlic Baby Cabbage, Kemangi, and traditional Manadonese salsa of tomato, chili, and shallots). All of this menu comes with steamed rice. 

The Taste of the Archipelago is also served as a communal meal experience, with The Rijstaffel Menu being a meal designed for sharing, catering for two, and All Around the Archipelago to cater to up to six individuals.