Tauzia Bali Hotels Held Mangrove Planting & Cleaning In The Coastal Area Of Nusadua Lagoon As Part Of Brand Activation Program



TAUZIA Bali Hotels held a tree planting & cleaning event with 500 mangrove trees in the coastal area of Nusadua Lagoon. The event is part of TAUZIA Bali Hotels – Brand Activation Program with the objectives to contribute to Island of Bali in the form of planting trees and cleaning mangrove area and also tighten the relationship amongst TAUZIA members.


General Manager of HARRIS Hotel Tuban, Mr. Antoine Caffarena acted as the committee advisor for this event stated that this program is organized by TAUZIA Bali Hotels to sensitize the community to give importance on protecting and preserving the environment. “Mangroves protect vulnerable coastlines from wave action because they hold the soil together and prevent coastal erosion, landslides and tidal waves. It is a good example for us to follow and make our environment to be better in the future. I am delighted that this event act as a campaign or awareness to remind the community to protect our coastline area”, added Mr. Antoine. The mangrove planting & cleaning event was attended by 95 Participants, among others are the GMs from TAUZIA Bali Hotels, representative of all Tauzia Hotel Bali employees as well as printed and electronic medias. For more info, simply check out www.tauziahotels.com

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