Teddy Drew is an enthusiastic photographer from Bali. His long and passionate association with photography began in his days in junior high school when a friend borrowed him a camera and then he started capturing things around him with little-to-none skill and knowledge. Immediately, Teddy felt in love with what he was doing at that time and learnt more about it. This ‘learning by doing’ trait is what makes the 23 years old guy greatly appreciates any kind of art and photography.


Teddy’s works are inspired by scenes from reality surrounding him daily. He believes that there is so much beauty in his everyday life; people and characters, props, location, light, road, nature, and everything. He is also constantly searching for fresh new inspiration and ideas.

His love and passion in photography eventually made Teddy left senior high school on the second year with hope to develop his skill and look forward to the future. In age of 18, he spent years freelancing for Rolling Stone Indonesia and Rock n Roll Magazine as a stage-photographer. It was during this period that he saw his works featured on Art Gallery in Singapore.

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Few years ago, Teddy has started to explore his passion by studying videography; which makes him known as one of the most talented young videographers in Bali. One of his projects won The Best Film Production Short Course Award at SAE Institute Jakarta, and that acknowledgement sees him to direct the videos for several famous artists such as Erwin Gutawa and Gita Gutawa.

Now, in between his activities as an accomplished photographer and videographer, Teddy Drew is expanding his skill further in visual production by exploring collage ‘cut and paste’ art.

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Text by: Stephie.