Terraza by Santanera, a Tapas Bar is Now Open  

After its successful debut in early 2021, Santanera opens its tapas bar, Terraza. Inspired by the terrazas and vermuterias of Barcelona and Lisbon, the hangout spot is located at Santanera’s rooftop, an extension to the restaurant’s sprawling architecture. Sporting a sunny and breezy spring garden vibe, the bar can accommodate up to 90 guests while offering a ravishing assortment of small bites, wines and cocktails. In addition, Terraza hosts a DJ set every Friday night as well as regular events and parties. 

“At Terraza, guests can expect a fine selection of pinchos, or classic Spanish snacks cured, pickled, fermented or simply cooked over charcoal,” says chef and co-founder Andres Becerra. He further notes that all pinchos, tapas, and empanadas at Terraza are freshly cooked and capture the distinctive South American and Mediterranean flavors, inspired by his travels in Spain and South America.

Santanera’s bar manager Gabriel Steinberger, who is also in charge of Terraza’s selection of drinks, says that the bar strives to serve wines and cocktails that are perfect to enjoy during a pre-dinner or a post-dinner hangout. “90 percent of our wines come from Europe, mainly France and Italy,” he explains. We mainly serve low- to medium-bodied wines—more white wines than red wines—to match the easy, light and refreshing spirit of our bar. However, we also serve heavy-bodied wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir for those who prefer it.”

As for its range of cocktails, a Terraza specialty is casoni, a negroni-based cocktail transformed into a highball. “We model the drink after how it was originally made at Café Casoni in Florence, Italy, but with blood orange juice, lemon juice and a bit of sugar added in. It has the grit that everybody loves about negroni, but guests can enjoy it with longer sips since negroni is a typically short drink.” Another cocktail selection is Santa Catarina made of cachaca sagatiba cristalina and vermouth bianco. 

Gabriel also remarks that Terraza serves natural wines, which are produced with little to no human intervention, in line with the bar’s penchant for having their products as close to nature as possible as well as its commitment to sustainability.

This ethos also extends to Terraza’s food menu, such as its duck liver parfait served on semolina crackers with hibiscus leaves from organic farms, a textural snack best complemented with a glass of wine. 

“We also serve unusual dishes that people don’t normally find or go for, like our triple-cooked ox tongue, which we serve with a devilled egg emulsion on a thin crepe,” highlights Andres. “There’s also our fermented and wood-fired potato bread served with salmon roe and avruga caviar, which goes well with a nice glass of champagne or rosé.”

Not only showcasing Andres and German’s Colombian heritage, the menu at Terraza also incorporates seasonal produce and other ingredients that are available in Bali, making Terraza the perfect spot to experience a melting pot of tastes and textures over sunny Bali skies with a casual, relaxed ambiance.