The Bali Restaurant And Café Association Launches “Sip And Savour” 

This year’s Sustainable Food Festival promises to be another ground-breaking community event. Both the Bali Restaurant and Café Association (BRCA) and the Bali Hotel Association (BHA) are committed to protecting the beauty of Bali and its communities, as well as supporting and encouraging local innovators, produces and supplies. With a commitment to a sustainable future shared by both associations, this year’s partnership is bound to inspire and invigorate. The Sustainable Food Festival 2023 will run from 30th June to 15th July.

Sip and Savour
The Bali Restaurant and Café Association is proud to announce the launch of Sip and Savour, a fundraising event showcasing sustainable organisations, practices, products, and suppliers. Taking place on the lawn at Hatten Wine in Sanur on the 14 July 2023, starting at 4pm, this event is so much more than just another food festival- do not miss it! 

Key highlights of Sip and Savour: 

  • Food and Beverage bazar – Celebrated chefs and beverage experts will dazzle the crowd with an array of dishes and drinks created solely with local products.
  • Service providers – discover local, sustainable products and services that available right here in Bali.
  • Live music – local musicians and entertainers have donated their time to help raise funds for those in need.
  • Recycle-Upcycle – fun activities for kids and adults alike. 
  • Charitable Foundations – working tirelessly to provide for those unable to provide for themselves. Meet the personalities behind the charities and learn what you can do to help eradicate poverty in Bali for good. 
  • Cooking Classes – innovative chefs focussed on reducing, reusing, and recycling share their tips. 
  • Workshops – interested to learn how to make your business more sustainable. Our Sustainability Partners can show you how.
  • Community fundraising – selected Bali charities will receive 20% of sales generated by this event.

Admission tickets
Admission tickets cost Rp.100,000 each and include a welcome cocktail, wine, beer, etc. These tickets can be purchased from participating restaurants, vendors, Hatten’s Cellar Door, and the NOW! Bali office. Tickets will be on sale from the 1st June 2023, tickets should be purchased before the event due to limited availability. For detailed information on where to purchase tickets please contact Rani at: 

Vouchers for food & beverages will be available from booths on the Hatten lawn. Vouchers are Rp. 25,000 each and are to be handed directly to the stall operators when making a purchase.

A minimum of 20% of each sale will go to selected charitable organisations. The stall holders can donate a higher percentage if they choose to, and at past events the majority do.

For more information regarding the BRCA, click here