The First Ever Million Meals Paddle: A 10-Kilometre Paddle To Provide Food To the Struggling People of Bali

On October 25th, SOS held their first ever Million Meals Paddle Event.

As a Food Rescue Foundation, SOS had never organized an event of this scale before and SOS are nervously excited to make it happen! After two months of work and much anticipation the event finally happened and SOS couldn’t be happier or amazed with the results.

On the day itself the conditions were perfect, as if the island itself knew what SOS were doing and was showing SOS its support. 63 absolute legends from all over the world joined the event and paddled the impressive 10km from Pantai Jerman Kuta to Old Man’s Canggu, gliding across the pristine waters with a burning passion and a smile.

Together SOS managed to raise an astonishing 900 MILLION IDR so far, all of which will be used to help provide the people who need it most with Valuable nutrition and hope. SOS are honoured to have been able to facilitate The Million Meals Paddle and wouldn’t have been able to do so without the support from so many amazing people, sponsors, organizations and participants.

Donations are still open so if you want to join our efforts and support the people of Bali just head on over to any of the Paddlers Donorbox pages or to the Event page on the website.