The Launching of Kamipetz, Application For Easier Health Access For Pets

KamiPetz, which provides easy health access for pets just launched in Bali. It will soon be available on Google Playstore and Appstore.

Answering the concerns of may pet parents regarding the difficulty of access to veterinarians in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, KamiPetz offers easier access to consult with veterinarians, ranging from general to experts such as for exotic aquatic pets (birds, fish, reptiles, etc.), skin, dental, eye, reproductive as well as oncology and pets soft tissue.

The idea of making KamiPetz application started when the Co-Founders had difficulty finding the right veterinarians to treat their beloved cat that was seriously ill during the beginning of pandemic. With KamiPetz application, pet parents can consult directly using telehealth, which includes online and offline consultations with the best veterinarians. In collaborations with top clinics in Bali such as Anom Vet Clinic, Semer Vet, Kedonganan Vet, Gatsu Vet, Canifeli Vet and many more, KamiPetz offers the best access for pet health in Bali that can be accessed by all Indonesian residents that can be completed with online payments.

“As pet parent, we understand the importance of having the best access for your pets health. We also hope to be able to provide administrative assistance and support for animal hospitals, clinics, groomers, pet shops and the like,” CEO and Co-Founder of KamiPetz, Kiki Rizki. “This vision is clearly stated in the KamiPetz slogan, We’ve Got Your Petz Covered,” Kiki continues.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lifestyle around the world, including regarding interactions with pets. This lifestyle change has made Indonesia experience a significant increase in the pet care industry as a whole, which is 38%. Making pet industry in Indonesia the largest market in Southeast Asia with a market size of IDR 21.81 trillion.