The Long Table Lunch at John Hardy Seminyak

At John Hardy Seminyak’s stylish two-story gallery the commitment to preserving Indonesia’s culinary heritage has been named among the island’s most memorable dining experiences. 

The Long Table lunch offers a monthly set menu including tea/ coffee and dessert. Recipes are sourced throughout the diverse Indonesian archipelago to be enjoyed family-style around the table for minimum 2 up to 24 guests. This is, without doubt, the place to bring any visitors to the island to taste the best of Indonesian cuisine in a beautiful environment. A traditional grilled fire with coconut husks is a great addition as each dish is traditionally prepared using time-honored cooking techniques. The Long Table Lunch menu for June includes bebek tangkap, ikan belacan, lawar biu batu, tum jamur, sop bobor, and nasi timbungan  The assorted sambals and krupuk which accompany every meal are legendary while the Es Campur, served tableside, is an experience in itself. The Long Table Lunch Menu, IDR 390,000++ per person.