The Opening of Syrco Basè Restaurant in Bali

Two-star Michelin star Chef Syrco Bakker is set to unveil his latest culinary venture in the heart of Bali, in collaboration with Sensorial Management Group Indonesia. Coming to the island of the gods is Syrco BASÈ, a self-contained project that will offer a unique, world-class dining experience against the breathtaking backdrop of Ubud, Bali. The name BASÈ, a Balinese term meaning both “spice” and “language,” reflects the importance of the tongue in both tasting food and expressing oneself. Choosing Indonesia was not accidental: Syrco’s grandfather is from Java and his grandmother is from Sumatra. As a child, Bakker grew up with the flavours of Indonesian cuisine.

Syrco’s creative vision for these projects comes as he prepares to leave Pure C in Cadzand, where he has helmed the two-star Michelin establishment since his declaration to venture on his own as a culinary entrepreneur. Syrco BASÈ will feature an array of dining options, including a fine dining restaurant with a set menu, where guests are also invited to enjoy aperitifs and coffee at the lounge, which is located a floor above. A food bar where chefs prepare à la carte offerings in front of patrons and a chef’s table with an exclusive, unparalleled experience for up to 14 guests.

At Syrco BASÈ, Bakker will bring his signature style to the table, combining native Indonesian ingredients sourced from local farmers, fishermen, and producers with classic Indonesian flavors that evoke the tastes of his childhood. To further engage with the local community and support the Balinese economy, Bakker has also partnered with Balinese designers and builders to create a space that harmoniously blends modern and traditional Balinese architectural styles. Furthermore, the onsite shop will feature collaborations with local artisans, brewers, and farmers.