The Stones Legian Bali Celebrates Remarkable Leadership: Meet Franklyn Julius Kocek The General Manager  

The Stones Legian Bali, a prestigious Autograph Collection Hotel by  Marriott, is thrilled to present a shining star in the world of 5-star premium lifestyle hospitality, General  Manager Franklyn Julius Kocek. In an exclusive interview, Franklyn shared his remarkable journey and  leadership insights, offering a captivating glimpse into his successful career. With an illustrious career  spanning several years, he has held three prestigious General Manager positions within Marriott. His  journey began at the age of 29 when he embraced the role of a task force General Manager, setting the  stage for an exceptional career trajectory. Known for his heartfelt and hands-on leadership style, Franklyn  embodies the J.W. Marriott philosophy of putting people first. 

Among his proudest career achievements is the transformation of The Stones Legian Bali from a non-operational hotel into a thriving success story. Equally impressive is his commitment to nurturing local  talents and propelling them toward excellence. In his personal life, Franklyn draws inspiration from his  unwavering mother, who has been his rock through thick and thin. In his career, he finds motivation in the  words of Mr. Ramesh Jackson, Vice President of Indonesia and Malaysia at Marriott, who instills the ethos  that “Success is Never Final.” Franklyn’s international exposure during his tenure in Qatar in 2006 left a  profound impact. He worked diligently to infuse Balinese hospitality into the international environment,  fostering diversity and respect for all cultures. 

In his current role at The Stones Legian Bali, Franklyn’s primary objective is to reposition the hotel as the  preferred choice for all stakeholders, including industry partners, jobseekers, and the owner. Embracing  the future, he emphasizes, “In the past, jobs were about muscles, now they are about brains, but in the future they’ll be about the heart.” His greatest fear, both in life and career, is the rapid growth of  digitalization. He emphasizes the importance of balancing digitalization with human kindness, humility, and  personal interaction. Outside of work, Franklyn dedicates time to cherish family moments, striking a  harmonious balance between work and family life as well as exercise and reflection. “Nasi padang ayam bakar lado” or Padang rice with grilled chicken marinated in coconut milk and red spices, holds a special  place in his heart, along with his love for black coffee with brown sugar. Franklyn invites the public to  explore The Stones Legian Bali through its five sensorial brand markers of Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, and  Taste, and also emphasizing humility, friendliness, and understanding one’s audience, encapsulating it in  the Indonesian saying, “Seperti padi, semakin berisi maka semakin merunduk ” meaning “Be like the rice  paddies, as it enters ripening stage, it bows down.” His passion for hospitality and dedication to his team  and guests epitomize the essence of this exceptional Autograph Collection Hotel.