The Westin Resort & Spa Ubud, Bali Unveils the East Bali Experience

The communal spirit and rich cultural heritage of Jungutan Village, Karangasem is brought to life by Samsara Living Museum for a one-day-only special event at The Westin Resort & Spa Ubud, Bali on  Saturday, 22 April 2023.  

Named after the cyclicality of human life, Samsara Living Museum is a community and cultural-based  destination in the heart of East Bali. Nestled within a two-hectare land, it warmly welcomes visitors who  wish to learn a myriad of rituals in the Balinese life cycles. From the symbolism behind ceremonies to the significance to genjek performance as a social expression, a visit to the living museum enriches one’s understanding of the importance of culture, heritage, and cuisine in Balinese life.  

The East Bali Experience starts with an invitation to make and taste Laklak, a traditional pancake topped  with grated coconut and palm sugar syrup. Held at the resort’s Lobby Bar, learn how to flip the pancake  in its hot clay pan and pair the sweet and savory delicacy with tea or coffee for a true Balinese treat. The feast continues into the evening at Tabia Restaurant. Taste the authenticity of East Balinese flavors through dishes made from seasonal and fresh ingredients from the market as well as traditional cooking  techniques. Carefully prepared by the culinary team of Samsara Living Museum and The Westin Resort &  Spa Ubud, Bali; guests can opt for the Atiti Bojane or Megibung set menus.  Lavishly served on a platter mounted on a pedestal, The Atiti Bojane set menu is made of Ayam Betutu, Tum Ayam, Sate, Kacang Gerang, and several other condiments. 

True to its name, Megibung set menu is a feast to share that includes four kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat Lawar, Sayur Blimbing, Pesan Ikan, Daging Timbungan, and a few other condiment. Enjoy the live performance of a genjek troupe that is renowned for its entertaining  vocals while feasting. The dinner starts at 6 pm to 10 pm.
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WhatsApp at +62 858-5805-1871. Reservation is required.