Three Solo Exhibitions of Tonyraka Art Gallery

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Established in 1968 by A.A Wirayuda, Tonyraka Art Gallery has been accumulating and selling its collections, which mostly are fine wood and carving artwork. Starting in 1997, his son A.A Bagus Tony Hartawan who took charge of the business has finally broaden the item range of the gallery including modern and contemporary artwork (paintings, sculptures and installations). Tonyraka Art Gallery also represents some overseas artists, which most of them have been lives and work in Indonesia especially Bali. As a young entrepreneur who concerns himself with the growth of local artwork, Tony has put a new vision and mission for his gallery. The gallery should not act merely as a commercial industry, but it must also be able to take role as a valuable cultural entity. It is an initial awareness to give more value to the gallery, to eventually endorse the growth and development of local artwork, particularly in Bali.

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Today, Tonyraka represents three solo exhibitions of international artists who have been living and working in Indonesia, especially in Ubud- Bali, where the gallery is located. They are Marco Cassani, an Italian Bali-based artist who has created a series of objects − possibly classifiable as artworks, props, tools, products, or even still life − that are encapsulating labor or the possibility of such. Then, Yongsung is a Korean artist who dramatizes the very nature of human as mortal being using a unique technique on his paintings. And, Yang Mikyeong a Korean artist who made his contribution in Low Stream, Indonesian-Korea contemporary art exhibition 2014.