Titus Rosier General Manager W Bali – Seminyak

How do you feel to be the General Manager of the only W hotel in Indonesia.
I consider it a privilege and a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional team at W Bali – Seminyak, where our primary focus is on providing a unique personalized service to our guests. Presently, we proudly stand as the sole W hotel in the country, distinguishing ourselves as one of the select lifestyle luxury hotels in the region.

Tell us what makes your resort different from the other luxury hotels in Bali.
The W Bali – Seminyak is a luxury lifestyle property that reignite’ s curiosity and expands the world of our guests. We strive to balance an energizing lifestyle experience with true luxury. We encourage localization and deliver a cultural experience to our guests while taking care of our community and our environment. 

Share with us the latest update about W Bali – Seminyak
There is always something new and exciting happening in our Escape but what makes me especially proud is our focus on our community and the environment. Our sustainability focus has really made a difference and its heartwarming to see our passionate associates embracing this cause.
We have already successfully eliminated all single-use plastic from our guest rooms and are now doing the same in our front and back of house operation. At the same time, we as Marriott Indonesia, are partnering with Sungai Watch and are removing over 100,000 kilos of plastic from the Balinese rivers. Ensuring our on-property initiatives have community meaning.
Our focus on reducing food waste has resulted in us opening our very own vegetable garden, already supplying around 15% of the greens in our restaurants. We also welcomed zero waste dishes to our menu & zero waste cocktails to our bars. During breakfast you can enjoy and experience a wonderful pancake made out of Banana peel. We have 8 compost sites on property for food & garden waste and we are actively working with S.O.S (Scholars of Sustenance) who collect our surplus food & donate it to those in need of nutritious meals but don’t have access to it. All ways to bring a culture of food waste prevention in our Escape while engaging and inspiring our guests plus, ensuring our community is looked after.
Besides food waste and eliminating single use plastic, we are looking at opportunities to reduce our energy and water usage. We offer guests electric scooters or bicycles and drive the same culture of sustainability in our back of house. 

You have worked in the industry for a long time, what is your biggest achievement that you have accomplished?
For me personally, I take great pride in seeing our associates taking care of our guests, every single day. The passion and energy that they deliver on, is a truly special and humbling experience.
In Indonesia, I am proud to see the collaboration between our 69 Marriott Hotels. Together with all the properties we have achieved some incredible results this year.  For example, we opened our very own Marriott Sungai Watch facility in Singaraja and are working together with the Sungai Watch team to remove 100,000 kilos of plastic from the Balinese rivers. The second facility is planned for Jakarta in 2024.  We also worked with Solar Chapter and developed a solar powered water plant in Tafuli, providing access to clean water for more than 1,000 villagers who previously lacked this essential resource. With Bali Children Foundation we have elevated the educational experience in Songan, east Bali. Currently over 1,000 children have adopted a STEM educational philosophy and Marriott have funded the technology required to implement this. Finally, through our collaboration with S.O.S, all of our Bali and Jakarta hotels are actively contributing their excess food to support the organization’s initiative. S.O.S transforms and redistributes this surplus to families without access to such resources.
For me personally, this is what makes me most proud. Looking after our associates, looking after our communities and looking after our environment. 

How would you define leadership and what do you think is the most important quality to have in order to become a good leader?
Prioritizing the well-being of your associates is essential. Ensure they feel appreciated, respected, and supported. In turn, they will extend the same care to your guests, ultimately contributing to the success of the business. While it may seem straightforward, the key lies in humble, grateful leadership that takes responsibility for guiding teams in a positive and respectful manner.

How do you cope with the competitions in Bali these days? What is your hotel doing to stay competitive?
Competition is always good. I think it’s important for all of us that Bali as a destination does well and to achieve this, there needs to be a diverse offering. We need to constantly work on our guest experience, keep it relevant and refreshing. In W Bali – Seminyak we have been on this journey for many years and so far our guests are telling us that they enjoy whatever we do.
Areas like sustainability and community relevance are more and more important and are expected from any business. To create an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all guests and all associates and provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy their time with us, this is what we strive for and how we aim to differentiate us from our competitors. 

Having several F&B outlets in your resort, what is one favorite food/dish that you can recommend to us?
Certainly, don’t miss out on experiencing our Banana Peel Pancakes! I encourage everyone to try this unique offering and be amazed. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover how food can be ingeniously utilized in unexpected ways. Our chefs have showcased their creativity in crafting a unique dish that not only delights the palate but also contributes to a positive cause.

Does W Bali – Seminyak have a sustainability program and how do you implement sustainability practices in your resort?
I believe I have addressed this in depth. We do have a sustainability manager who leads an on-property green team. They are tasked to drive the culture, inspire and provide the right tools for everyone so sustainability can be embraced. 

How do you maintain a work and life balance?
I have an amazing family that provides the perfect balance in my life. My wife and two daughters are loving their time in Indonesia and especially Bali. Together we love exploring this amazing Island and have a lot of fun doing so.