Double Ikat Restaurant by Renaissance Bali Top 52 Restaurants and Bars by Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott International unveiled the “Top 52 Restaurants and Bars by Marriott Bonvoy”, a curated

F&B list showcasing the best of the best, one-of-a-kind dining experiences at unforgettable destinations across the Asia Pacific region. Throughout each week from 7 August 2019 to 16

February 2020, the top restaurants and bars of Marriott International hotels in Asia-Pacific will feature dining experiences, workshops, chef’s tables and other events to provide inspirations for food lovers to pack their bags for exciting, food & beverage-focused getaways.

“The astounding diversity of great cuisines here in Asia Pacific reflects the cultural importance of great, authentic food in this vibrant part of the world. At Marriott International, we are proud to be part of the incredible food landscape of Asia with our distinguished, talented chefs and bartenders, who are really the secret ingredients behind every restaurant and bar,” said Bart Buiring, Chief

Operations Services Officer, Asia Pacific, Marriott International. “We nurture the outstanding talent of our chefs and bartenders and provide them a platform for our guests’ access to truly memorable dining experiences.

From the urban capitals of Bangkok and Shanghai to the tropical paradise islands of Bali and Phu Quoc, food lovers are invited to experience the exceptional flavors, breathtaking design and distinguished chefs and mixologists that make each place truly unique.

This event showcases the best of the best, a characterful dining experiences and memorable destinations wrapped in stunning and elegant setting with laidback ambiance. Double Ikat Restaurant by Renaissance Bali covers all of them, and has made it as the chosen Top 52 Restaurants and Bars by Marriott Bonvoy. Sign for a fabulous travel with incredible GPS (gastronomy, place and scenery) throughout Asia Pacific with Marriott Bonvoy, particularly to enjoy top menus from Double Ikat Restaurant by Renaissance Bali. For one week, Double Ikat has showcased the “Cooking With Clay” activation, which explore the essence of clay cooking with pork ribs or lamb.