Ubud’s Celebrated Premier Evening Show Performance; Balinese Living Arts at Puri Kantor


 The royal family of Ubud and Desa Visesa are proud to announce the premier of evening show performance of BALINESE LIVING ARTS; Siwa Nataraja: Bali Unmasked at 7pm – 8 pm at Puri Kantor every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Jalan Suweta central Ubud, Bali.

A 45 minutes’ theatrical show brings a whole new concept of art performance by accommodating an ancient story of God SHIVA NATARAJA and the Making of Art: enchanting the dance performances feature the most sacred topeng or mask; Topeng Bang, a refined interpret of Lord Brahma, God of Creation and Topeng Telek interpreting God Wisnu, protector and preserver the Universe. Laymen character are made alive too with a Topeng Kras, portraying a warlike martial character or a Topeng Tua, as the face of a playful oldman. The Transformation: artistic expression a sacred mythology.

This outstanding show is a must see while in Bali!  Nothing else has brought audiences into the flow of performances as you would feel hypnotized by the music, movements and characters of the dancers. Mask Dance also reveal contradictory aspects of the human experience – Sacred and profane, beauty and ugliness, refinement and caricature are interpreted together. And The Revelation: every forces in life has its function to keep the balance of universe, the Balinese is keeping their life surrounded by arts as part of spiritual, body and mind balance on day to day basis

The show is highlighted with a combination of different music influences in line with pentatonic Balinese gamelan – Set in outdoor setting of theatrical heritage complex of Ubud. Puri Kantor crafted stone gate as the majesty backdrop, a built in stage, starry fire dimmed lighting and sound system are part of the local experience.