The Universe Display : A.t.U.H Painting Exhibition by Artist Militant Art

Griya Art Gallery at Griya Santrian a Beach Resort & Spa presents A.t.U.H – Art the Universal Habit, painting exhibition by artists Militant Art. The A.t.U.H works are presented as a painting exhibition of pure art collaboration by 25 creative artists, displaying contemporary 150 x 130 cm painting art pieces. This colossal creation indicates that imagination can grow from a person’s habit, which can be beautiful and meaningful, even in the simplest form. This can be translated also as creating a meaningful and beautiful unity and harmony

unnamed (1)The art object created in this exhibition comes from Nusa Penida Island. The aura of the isle developed a passion and creativity on canvas; beautiful beaches with rolling hills surrounded by crystal blue waters. This island has been long known for its corals and solid lime stones, which characterize the imagination and turned into various forms of art.

unnamedThe beauty of Atuh beach located in the gulf with white sand and scenic hills inspires the Militant Art community to create an artwork themed ‘A.t.U.H’ – Art the Universal Habit. This means that art in general can originate from everyday habits, captured according to the person’s idea and creativity.