The Visual Messenger: Ary Suardika Photography

Born at Jinengdalem village, Singaraja, I Gede Ary Suardika decided to become a full-time photographer since a rather young age. He is an unmistakably talented lad with certain accomplishment, including selected as a jury for his campus photography competition and winning the 2nd place of Tropical Life Photo Contest. He is also currently enlisted as the leader of Singaraja Photographer Community.

For I Gede Ary Suardika, photography means a visual media to amass and inspire viewers. There is a deep sense of sincerity in his photograph. The delightful serene tone of green paddy field meets golden sky and one humble farmer standing, gaze in awe upon his work result, and emits such genuine radiance, which truly reflects on Indonesian root of farming culture.

A good photography, according to Ary Suardika, must contain inspiring idea and soul, so it can truly deliver the message to the audience. With that kind of understanding, it is interesting to see how his next artwork and photograph would unfold.

DSC02637 DSC02642 DSC02703