Weda Sattya is a young female photographer, a very desirable person who has dedicated her young years to bring fashion to life. She transforms model into alluring and enduring image that inspire everyone to be and feel beautiful. Weda fell in love with photography since here early age; it was all started when her dad handed her cameras and she enjoyed it, did some shots with her dad and she finally found her passion on it. After graduating from a local university, Weda was scouted by a Bali-Sydney based agency called, Culture Machine ( ) to do thing that she really loves the most; fashion photography.

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For Weda, fashion is not just about the outfit that you wear, but it has more than just that. She adores fashion as much as she loves her job. She sees how the world changed through fashion and she would love to be a part of it. Her projects are a collaborative process; she has been working with numerous of stylists, models, and designers. For this 26 year old lady, the process is a one kind of pleasure because it’s her chance to get to know and to learn about new people, new style, new vision, and new perspective.


Bruce Weber, Helmut Newton, Norbert Schoerner, Charlotte Wales, Harley Weir, and still much more are some names of fashion photographer that she adores. Her goals are to travel a lot and meet new people (would be great if she could meet one of those names) and see more what the world has to offer to her.


Head down to her website and find out her marvellous works:


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