Weekenders X Benoit & Sergio @ Jenja


Friday, September 2nd 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, Jenja brings you another festive club event entitles Weekenders X Benoit & Sergio. Hailing from Washington DC, the dynamic duo of Benoit Symon and Benjamin ‘Sergio’ Myers don’t make dance tracks—they tell stories. Their music are a sense of place and narrative infused in rhythms and melodies, transcending the confines of “tech-house” or “electronic pop” and entering a genre-free realm of cinematic imagery and visceral pleasures, resulting in tracks pulse with hooks and atmosphere, proudly presenting their ‘freaky’ originality whilst still gives their listeners a little something extra to dance about. Catch them live and personal at Jenja this weekend.

TS Suites - Jenja Night Club (1)