Turning 24 years old this September, Wicitra Pradnyaratih or known as Acyd is a full-time graphic designer who has an utmost passion in art since her ‘school-age’. During her class, she’s been drawing and sketching over her books.


Acyd’s greatest inspirations are the living things around her; human spirits that thrive to survive, plants that look up for the sun, and the grand concept of evolution. Depend on the images projected in her mind, Acyd starts to display it on her ‘mood-board’ and begin with a sketch, then gradually starts to let it spill freely in her selected media—sometimes digital, and sometimes on canvas with a mix of watercolor and acrylic. Most of the time she uses the color of pastel tones with soft and smoothen touches.

For Acyd, being creative is being present. Like breathing to the oxygen in the air; or flowing blood in the body. In other words, she sees creativity as a natural process for human being. That became the main reason why she adores art and treats it as a part of her life itself.




Text by: Stephania Shakila Cornelia