EL MATADOR at 2080 Burger

2080 Burger is a gourmet smoky burger with 100% Australian Beef Patty that is both savoury and tender. The reason behind the naming of 2080 Burger is that they use the best composition of 80% beef and 20% fat to create the most delicious patty. Uniquely, this burger joint serves only charcoal-smoked burgers. Located in Uluwatu, 2080 Burger is serving from 12 PM until 10 PM. One of the most recommended burger is the EL MATADOR consisting of tender and juicy Australian beef patty, philly cheese, streaky bacon, salted tortilla chips, baby romaine, slices jalapeno, smoked onion, tomato, fries and 2080 magic sauce in between milky bun that surely satisfy your craving. 2080 Burger - El Matador Burger