Located in Townhouse Suites, Jenja Bali is one of the hottest spots for all music lover who’s in for a whole new experience of nightlife in Bali. Covered in 12,000 interlinked and subtly-lit teak battens, and one wall features a large mosaic of opaque and stained glass, this place provide a warm interplay of colors that set a soothing mood for dinners.

Last week Jenja presented a night featuring Dj Brohn, an artist who is firmly allied with the forces of underground music. Brohn’s introduction to music came via grunge and classic rock back in the nineties. As time goes by, he continues to move forward from the beat and start to producing his own sound of madness. Innovative and humble, he brought up the deep end of house and techno to Jenja and suddenly turned it into another chaos. Too cool!

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Text by: Stephania Shakila

Photos by: Jenja Bali